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Scuffs & scratches

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It is not just the exterior of your vehicle that can become damaged over time. Glove boxes are easily scratched by sunglasses, finger nails, keys or coins. If you carry dogs in your car you will know their claws can (and will!) damage the pieces of trim on the inside of your car. Putting ladders, golf clubs or furniture in the boot may damage the roof lining or boot area. Even children’s shoes can damage car plastics.

All of these can seriously detract from the appearance and value of your car. Or, should you be thinking of selling it, put off potential buyers!

Holes, scrapes and scratches in trims and dashboards CAN be repaired! The various textured finishes and patterns on these types of plastics vary between manufacturer and can be replicated and the colour matched to leave an imperceptible repair.

Exterior plastic bumpers, trim and door mouldings can also be repaired in this way.

Prices start from £45+VAT.

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