Paint Wizard

Paint Wizard

Smart Mobile Car Body Repairs


Extensive body work

Accidents happen. Sometimes it takes more to repair a damaged vehicle than a SMART repair. Serious damage to cars and vans which require more extensive repair work is not a problem for Paint Wizard.

We can deal with larger damage such as dents, bent panels or gouges to body work. Replacement of parts may sometimes be necessary. Small areas of damage can often be rectified at your home or work. More extensive damage can be dealt with by our fully equipped body shop.

Our rates are always competitive and once we have quoted for the work required the price will not change. So you can rest assured that once we have your car we will not contact you asking for more money for the agreed repairs.
We will endeavour to return your vehicle to you as soon as possible. Dependant on the work required, repairs may take a number of days so you may need to make arrangements for alternative transport if necessary.

Please contact one of our technicians for further advice.

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