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Paint Sealant & Protection

We can supply and apply two different types of chemical paint sealant and protection; For far less than main dealer prices! These are:

SUPAGARD: Used by most FORD, TOYOTA RENAULT and SKODA dealerships. Main Dealer RRP £399.99+VAT to supply and apply.
DIAMONDBRITE: Used by most BMW, MERCEDES and CITROEN dealerships. Main dealer RRP £499.99+VAT

Check out SUPAGARD and DIAMONDBRITE websites for more information.

Both of these products offer a long term seal to your paint work, protecting against bird liming, fine scratches, acid rain and sunlight deterioration/oxidisation. In fact just about anything our great British weather can throw at your vehicle! Once applied and allowed to fully dry and absorb, the car is carefully buffed to a shine.

Afterwards, you will find water simply runs off and dirt and mud will wipe away without scrubbing. This is due to the paint being chemically sealed by the product. Unless your car BRAND NEW we recommended this is paired with our paint refinishing service to ensure you get the best value for money. After all, there is no sense in permanently sealing in all those unsightly scratches and blemishes underneath!

Price for supply and application starting from £180+VAT.

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