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Paint Wizard

Smart Mobile Car Body Repairs

What is SMART Repair?


A SMART repair is any small cosmetic repair that can be completed on a mobile basis to any part of your car, van or motorbike.

This includes:

  • bumper scuffs/scrapes
  • vehicle interior (Cigarette burns/holes, dog scratches, wear and tear of leather seat bolsters etc)
  • exterior trim damage
  • chipped glass windscreen repairs
  • alloy wheel kerb damage
  • scratch removal

In fact the whole range of repairs that we offer falls within this description.

The methods we use are identical to those used in body shops, only scaled down, to ensure you receive the highest quality, most durable finish at a fraction of the cost. Why pay for a new bumper that could cost hundreds of £££’s? Or be without your vehicle for upwards of a week whilst it is being fixed? Or spend HOURS on the phone to your insurance company? Start work at 9am? We can normally repair and paint your bumper to pre accident condition by lunch time. And YOU WONT BE ABLE TO TELL IT WAS EVER DAMAGED!

All guaranteed for 12 months!

More info about our SMART Repair services

ALL WORK carried out by Paint Wizard is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship. So peace of mind is included, free of charge.

We are fully insured to move and drive your motor vehicle should the need arise. Our product and employers liability insurance covers us to work on any site.

After speaking to one of our SMART repair technicians and making an appointment for any or all vehicle cosmetic repairs including bumper scuffs, scratch removal, paint work, leather seat/trim and alloy wheel refurbishment it is important that you understand and are able to provide the following:

  • Upon arrival the technician will need to be within 50 metres of an electrical power outlet.
  • The vehicle must be OFF THE ROAD with enough room to provide a safe working area. It is essential we can park within 5 metres of the vehicle being worked on. This could be at the end of a drive way, in a communal parking area or car park with the permission of the car park owners, quiet cul-de-sac or any privately owned open space.
  • It is also advised that the area is cleared of any other vehicles and children/pets. Some processes require access to the inside of the car so we also ask that someone is present and keys etc are readily available.

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