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Leather refinishing

Years ago, leather seats were reserved only for high-end, luxury cars. Nowadays this additional feature is an appealing extra offered when purchasing a new car, whether a luxury SUV or family hatchback. Leather is a fantastic material known for its durability and feel, and if cared for correctly should last a lifetime. However not all of us have the time to condition our car seats as often as we should (if at all!) and this may cause your seats, gear knob, hand brake lever gaiter or other leather accessories to age prematurely.

This ageing of the leather can cause it to crack or discolour severely. This can be a common problem on the bolsters or edges of the seat which normally suffer lots of high wear.

Leather seats and accessories can be refaced and re-coloured, restoring the original, factory fresh look. The colour is matched precisely and the finish is extremely durable. Once repaired the seat will wear as if it has been replaced which gives your inertia a whole new lease of life for a fraction of the cost of replacing the leather covers.

Prices start from £65+VAT.

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