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Bumper scuffs


There is nothing worse than returning to your car after a shopping trip to discover that whilst you’ve been away your car has been damaged. Or that feeling of dismay when you scrape your car bumper against a gate post or wall whilst parking. Your first thought is often to think how expensive it will be to fix.

At Paint Wizard we are able to fix most types of damage to bumpers on all makes and models of car or van. Anything from a light scuff to deep gouges can be successfully repaired at your home or workplace at a time that is convenient to you. Our technicians carry everything we need to complete any such repair on the spot, mixing the paint we need specifically from the manufacturer’s colour code to perfectly match your cars original finish. Rest assured, you will not be able to tell it was ever damaged! For a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop and without the inconvenience!

A bumper corner SMART repair can be completed in under 2 hours in most cases and the car can be driven immediately afterwards.

As with all our repairs, all paint work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Prices start from £75+VAT.

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