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Fabric seat repairs

Much like the clothes we wear every day, the fabric in our cars faces the unavoidable wear and tear of regular use. Seat bolsters and arm rests can become torn or wear through over time and can seriously put off prospective buyers should you be thinking of selling your car or van. Maybe you have snagged your seat fabric with keys or whilst fitting a child’s car seat? Or stained the seats with a spill or pen leaking?

Small rips or burns can be sealed and repaired, thus preventing the damage spreading and taking the eye away from the damaged area. Using professional equipment and methods we would apply colour matching fibres to the affected section. Most colours and finishes can be replicated to ensure the finished result is virtually invisible.

Split seams can be re-sewn, restoring the integrity of the seat. Cigarette burns or badly worn areas in carpets can also be repaired in this way.

Prices start from £65+VAT.

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