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Door & body mouldings

Apart from the bumpers of a car, the wing mirrors and door mouldings are the most susceptible areas to receive damage. This is because they are traditionally at the widest point of the vehicle. Misjudging whilst squeezing your car into a garage or tight space is all it takes to scuff a wing mirror casing.

A “door moulding” would be considered as exterior plastic trim, normally running along the door of a vehicle to prevent dents and bangs should you open your door too wide whilst loading. Sometimes these are body colour coded. Similar mouldings can be found on tailgates or bumpers and are designed to be a defensive barrier to stop the major panels getting dented, which is often much more expensive to repair.

Scuffs and scratches to any mirror casing or door/body moulding can be repaired in much the same way as with bumper SMART repairs. Whether they are painted, manufacturer colour coded or textured plastic we can normally repair them to an as new standard.

Prices start from £45+VAT.

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